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the boy who cried bronco

the boy who cried bronco

Sarah Ward |

(originally posted 9/19/22)

I must admit, I didn’t “get” the whole bronco thing when Charley placed his order for a 2021 4-door badlands bronco. Sure, I was happy for him, and welcomed having a manual transmission vehicle in our lives again (not an option available in minivans…). But I didn’t get the hype of the bronco. Neither did our son, Henry.

Henry is about four years old and really, really likes his routine and life’s comforts. He likes knowing that he gets dropped off at preschool in the minivan while watching his toy story.

Until this past Fall, he had been going to preschool with his younger sister, Daisy.

Now Daisy is a wildflower if I ever knew one. The sweet child has spunk, independence, and a love for life. She got the bronco right away.

If these two were dropped off at preschool in the bronco, we arrived with Daisy full of smiles and poor Henry’s face was covered in tears. Meanwhile if we took the minivan, Daisy was crying and Henry was thrilled. I know… kids.

This went on for several months until the next school year started and Henry graduated to pre-k. Now he’s dropped off with his older sister, Audrey. (yes, Henry has lots of sisters…). Audrey is in 1st grade and loves riding in the bronco.

So initially Henry cried. The new thrill of pre-k helped some, but most mornings he just cried. Until one morning I decided to drive topless to school. Okay, bronco topless, not actually topless, common now… it’s still the elementary car circle!

He had the biggest smile. Next thing I knew, he requested his window down… sweet thing relaxed back in his seat with his little hand outside feeling the breeze. The boy gets it. He no longer cries bronco.

He loves taking the bronco to school (and “the baseball”), provided we can at least roll down his window. If the roof is on while driving, he’ll point up to it and say, “oh no, it’s broken!” I kinda agree… I love driving topless in the bronco with the sunshine. It’s so freeing and refreshing, and when you have to drive with the roof on, it does feel a little broken.

And as a tired mama, I’m grateful this boy no longer cries bronco 🙌 😘