"Buck Your Bronco" is now Buck Rails

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About Us

We are Charley and Sarah, and we have four kids: Audrey (7), Henry (5), Daisy (3) and Everly (2)

About Us

everything has been designed in-house by a mechanical engineer with a passion for the bronco.

let’s rewind.

teenage charley with Brutus

this is teenage charley

and his first vehicle, the 1978 bronco "brutus". he bucked around with this bronco on a very limited budget while pretending to be a mechanic. lots of life lessons learned here.

this is a welding charley

this is welding charley

he went to trade school to learn to make cool shit for his bronco. it kinda stuck, because he eventually went on to get a MS in welding engineering. and yea, it's a thing.

this is undergrad charley

he led the design and build of 'Baja SAE' cars while at UCF...pretty much made engineering school worth it.

this is entrepreneur charley

turns out he didn't like corporate life so much. thanks to his engineering background, self-employed experience, and bronco passion, he's the perfect person to help add some buck to your bronco. he understands this is much more than an a to b vehicle. it’s part of your identity, social life, and carries much nostalgia.

what’s happened between 2016 and now? three businesses and four beautiful babies.

  1. 2016: first started sawmilling in savannah, ga while still employed in corporate life. the business started on weekends, and quickly grew. it set the ground work and confidence for leaving corporate life. but the mountains were calling…
  2. 2017: we moved to the asheville area in hopes of starting a cabin rental business with some family, but that quickly turned into a mess. huge failure.
  3. 2018: started the second sawmilling business. since it was initially slow to grow, a renovation business was also started (charley is a licensed gc) and between the two, the family was supported. fast forward about a year, both businesses were too busy… so the sawmill was sold to focus on residential renovations.
  4. 2020: the residential renovations were going really well, but then the pandemic happened… lockdown with babies…cue a virtual/e-commerce sewing business. wife does sewing.
  5. 2020: sewing business has grown to support the family, thankfully. charley took right to being a stay at home daddy.
  6. 2021: as schools started to open back up, and with the return of the bronco, the entrepreneur bug has bit charley again and here we are :-)