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where is your branding?!?

where is your branding?!?

Charley Ward |

(original posted 12/16/22)

Why don’t any of your products have your brand name splattered all over them? everybody else cuts their name and logo everywhere, or at least laser etches it to remind us how awesome their brand is, and how cool we are because we have their brand name product…what gives?? well, basically because we’re people too, and there are countless products that I would never consider purchasing specifically because the company splattered their logo front and center.

Bumper companies are pretty bad at this, as are a lot of the laser cutting job shops, but it’s everywhere. even the overseas “brands” do this…just look at Amazon, you’ll see thousands of unique-ish names that kinda sound like words, but are just not, and of course they are just trying to develop a brand name in our market and as such they laser etch and splatter it everywhere to remind you of what you bought. honestly, they’re pretty forgettable suppliers, so I kinda get why they try, but it’s just not what we’re about.

bottom line is this: I am proud of our company, our brand, and our logo. but I am most proud of the products that we offer, and customer service to back them up. the absolute best compliment we can receive is a returning customer or recommendation by word of mouth. a close runner up would be our product reviews, but it’s hard to beat an in-person product recommendation.

so we should splatter our name everywhere, right? that way you won’t forget who we are or where you bought that do dad when your friend asks you? well, frankly, no I don’t think so. if I have to splatter our name in front of your face everyday for you to remember us, well we haven’t done a good enough job with our products or customer service. you’re a person, and if our products are worthy of a return purchase, or recommendation to your friends, I have complete confidence that you will just remember us.

the other part is, well, I just think everything looks so much cleaner that way. it’s your bronco, not mine, you should get to decide what you have to look at everyday, and who you advertise for. if our company is worthy of your endorsement, then I trust we will get it…if not, there’s no need to shove it in your face, because that’d just be bucked up.