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how to gopro in a bronco

how to gopro in a bronco

Sarah Ward |

I’ve had the fortune of exploring the blue ridge parkway in our backyard as well as the beautiful sand dunes in Michigan with Jason of @ky_bronco, Ford’s Off-Roadeo in New Hampshire, and a fun adventure trail riding with Kayla of @broncobabenellie + crew.

So I’ve clocked some hours using a gopro in a bronco and here are my favorite setups depending on what you’re trying to capture.

  1. the road ahead

If you want to capture the adventure ahead, I love using this gopro quick connect rail mount along with the gopro buckle clip. While I don’t care for the attachment from gopro, and I’ll get more into that later in this post along with a remedy, this is a quick way to click in your gopro. It’s super stable and you can mount your gopro towards the road ahead or in the reverse position to capture the inside of your bronco.

The gopro’s wide angle lens includes both trail sights with room to spare. Alternatively, if you have it faced inside the bronco, you’ll be able to capture everyone who isn’t hanging out a window 😘 both the driver and passenger seats with room to spare.

2. side angles

You can also slide the gopro quick connect rail mount onto the outer edges of our slingshot rail. But you can combine it with our quick connect rail mount and then you’ll be able to slide it across any space on either our slingshot rail or full shebang rail. The photo above shows the quick connect gopro rail mount attached to the quick connect rail mount. I know… say that ten times fast. quick connect blah blah 🤪

3. all the angles in one setup.

Then if you want all the versatility in one setup, you’re looking at some sort of gimbal mechanism. To achieve this, you can either pair an arm (standard length or extended) with the gopro finger or gopro quick connect mount.

You can also use this gimbal attachment with a gopro finger or gopro quick connect mount. While this gimbal setup can spin 360º around, it is limited mobility when compared to the arm setup as described above.